For the past 30 years Kester Coutain, owner of KC Dust Free Tile Removal, has been helping the San Antonio and surrounding areas transform their homes with flooring options available to them. Specializing in home remodeling for ceramic, wood and laminate floors, he is the “go-to” company in San Antonio.  Simply put, he can transform your home with precision utilizing state of the art technology and vast experience with flooring. 

KC Dust Free Tile Removal now provides Dust Free removal of floor coverings with the new technology and industry changing DustRam® System Equipment and processes.  This new process allows for a 3 to 5 times reduction in the man hours spent removing tile and various other materials.

The DustRam® System eliminates health concerns for clients and employees who may suffer from respiratory conditions like Asthma, Allergies, Emphysema, or COPD, pet owners, parents of babies or young children or those caring for elder generation.

KC Dust Free Tile Removal is a trusted company in and around the San Antonio areas, with down to earth integrity. 

At KC Dust Free Tile Removal we believe in transforming your home without all the mess. That is why we use DustRam® System Equipment and processes. When you book a job with KC Dust Free Tile Removal you will not need to worry about having to cover up furniture to avoid dust, instead you will experience a professional team who will get your flooring done with no dust, and a complete clean up to ensure your flooring looks as new as it is. 












•micro topping

•sheet vinyl

•crack membrane


South Texas

New Braunfels



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I used Kester based solely on his internet reviews.  It was a choice well made.  Kester and his KC Walls and Floors employees were professional, punctual and well organized.  I used him for the Dustless tile removal.  The time savings alone along with the final product results were very impressive.  I would recommend his services to my friends and my family and just about anyone else who is needing dust less tile removal.  With a family of six, I needed someone who could be in and out with as little interruption in my family’s schedules as possible and Kester provided me with that.  Over 1000 sq. ft. of removal and life is back to normal.  Thanks again Kester!!

I admit that was extremely skeptical about “dust-free” tile removal services, so when my builder hired Kester’s company to tear out my old flooring, I really was just hoping for the best.  However, I am truly amazed at how clean the removal process was!  Other than a few minor tile chips flying around, there was no dust…..I repeat….NO DUST to speak of.  Not in the air, on the countertops, on the window sills, nor the walls.  I kept going around the house swiping my finger on the window sills expecting to see the notorious “dusty white” fingertip, but alas, it was always clean.  I’ve had other tile removal done prior to repairs and they were always a mess.  You have made me a believer in your system!  His work crew was professional, courteous, and moved quickly.  They managed to remove ~1,000 square feet of tile in a single day.  Honestly, if you’re thinking of tearing out your old tile…..hire Kester and avoid the mess!

We had approximately 140 square feet of ceramic tile in our home removed by KC Dustfree Tile Removal.  Mr Kester Coutain and crew arrived on time and got the job done efficiently and quickly. The tile removal, thinset removal and cleanup were all done in just a few hours and far exceeded our expectations!. We will definitely recommend Mr Coutain and the Dust Free Removal system to our neighbors and friends.

Thanks again, 

Don V

Kester Coutain provided me with the service of removing existing tile with his dust free system.  Mr. Coutain was prompt and courteous in all aspects of the service he provided.  The dust-free system was quite clean.  He showed me about 100 pounds of the powder-fine thin set that the system had removed during the process.  Kester even cleaned some pre-existing dust from a couple of shelves I had in the room he worked in.  I would recommend him in a heartbeat to remove tile using this process. It is worth every penny of the additional cost.

For the last 12 years I have been living with porcelain tile that I disliked (and that is putting it mildly).  I didn’t want to have to put up with the VERY dusty, VERY loud mess of having 428 sq ft of tile removed.

Well, last Saturday (3/3/2018) I found a company on the net called Dust Masters (Dust Free Tile Removal).  The owner is Kester Coutain (210-705-9507).  I called him bright and early on Monday, he came over and provided me with a free estimate.  After checking with my husband I hired Kester.  Kester and his assistant arrived at my house on Wednesday 3/7/2018 and took out all of my ugly tile........YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!

Kester was EXCELLENT!!!!!!  He was on time, hard worker (both of them were hard workers), fast and they did a great job!

They arrived about 8:15 am and were packed up, cleaned up and gone by 2:40 pm.  Note: They did have to return the next morning (Thursday) to do the master bath (which only took them less than 2 hours).

Now for the very best part......... it truly was DUST FREE!!!!!!!!!

I would highly recommend Kester Coutain. 

- Trish Taylor

Thank you so much for the great professional job you and your crew did removing the floor tiling so that wood floors could be installed.  The job was dustless, professional and quick.  You showed up on time, did the job, cleaned up and it was great.  The flooring contractors were able to move forward happy with the job your company did.

Thanks So Much!



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